ISSUE 1 – Volume 1, Issue 1 – FEB 2017

A collection of responses to the following prompt issued by our Editorial Guest, Professor Nicholas Gebhardt:

“Here are mutes, liquids, aspirates – vowels, semivowels and consonants. Now we see that words have not only a definition and possibly a connotation, but also the felt quality of their own kind of sound.” (Mary Oliver, A Poetry Handbook). 

ISSUE 2 – Volume 1, Issue 2 – October 2017

The theme for this issue was Songwriting, and contributors were asked to respond to a prompt provided by Simon Barber, our guest editor.

A song can be about anything

About peace or war, or the sins of industry

Or the discontents of fame, or of obscurity

Or how we first met, on the warmest day

And how I hadn’t planned to love someone until you came

Or how we survived on happiness and sleeping on the floor

Or how you used to love me but you don’t even know me anymore 

– Dan Wilson, ‘A Song Can Be About Anything’ from Love Without Fear

ISSUE 3 – Volume 2, Issue 1 – July 2018 

The guest editor of this volume is Laura Snapes, a music and culture writer based in London. Together with Laura the editorial team of Riffs invited contributions based on the following prompt:

“There is nothing wrong with hating rock critics” – Of Montreal, 2003