Riffs Ft. IASPM-Canada – Zine-in-a-Day March 2022

Join us March 21st, 2022 at 9:30am EST to create a zine-in-a-day exploring ‘Popular Music Futures.’

IASPM-Canada and Riff Journal come together to produce a digital zine within forty-eight hours built on the theme of the 2021/2022 virtual speaker series – Popular Music Futures. Contributions will be developed by scholars and researchers based across Canada and internationally, and can include manifestos, research, poetry, personal essays, fictional stories, or interviews.

The day will start with a 3-hour writing workshop led by Sarah Raine, managing editor of Riffs Journal and published as a special issue by Riffs and IASPM-Canada. Following this participants have till Wednesday at 9:30 am EST to send in their submissions to be published as apart of the zine. Following the workshop, there are optional online writing groups during the day for any who would like accountability and/or support, run by Deanne Kearney. The zine will be designed by ​​Riffs’ own Iain Taylor

All are welcome to attend.

Please RSVP by emailing popmusicjournal@gmail.com. Spaces are limited! 

This is a special workshop event that is a part of a virtual speakers series of the same name presented by IASPM-Canada. On the first Monday of each month, a wide range of speakers will engage with emerging research in the field of popular music studies. For more information visit PopularMusicFutures.Eventbrite.com or IASPM.ca.

The zine will be made available on the Riffs website along with our other zine special issues (Home of Metal 2019 / Building the Scenes, Prague 2019 / IASPM UK & Ireland Crosstown Traffic 2018 / Surge in Spring 2018 / Beyond Borders 2017).