Special Edition – Beyond Borders – July 2017

This special, fanzine-style edition of Riffs was produced in a single day at the 2017 Beyond Borders research festival at BCU in July 2017. Emily Bettison, one of Riffs the editorial team, has written about the Beyond Borders festival here.

Attendees at Beyond Borders were provided with a prompt at the beginning of the day: “It was a warm day in July when we stepped over the border….”. They we asked to respond to this with experimental pieces that reflected on their experience of the festival, and to the idea of taking research beyond (disciplinary) borders.

We received written pieces, drawings, photographs, scribbled notes, collages. From then the race was on to write, collate, produce and print copies of the special Beyond Borders edition of Riffs, which we managed with a few minutes to spare! 50 paper copies were distributed on the day, and a PDF edition is available to download below.

Riffs - Beyond Borders - 7thJuly2017