Cyber Backlash: Resistance as an Act of Retraining An Online Zine


In October 2020, Asya Draganova and Craig Hamilton from the Riffs editorial team worked with some 3rd year students from BCU on the creation of a ‘zine publication. In this post, the students present an overview of that work and a link to the publication they created.


Cyber Backlash: Resistance as an Act of Retraining 
An Online Zine

  • Because we must take over the means of production in order to survive and create our own future 
  • Because we are angry at a society that tells us that Art=Worthless 
  • Because the government’s abandonment of the arts constitutes for the self-revolution of music 

“Rebel. Resist. Revolt.”… And not “Rethink. Reskill. Reboot.”

This zine was created by third year Music Industries students as part of the DiY Music Cultures class in October 2020. It presents a creative but firm critique of the UK government’s rhetoric regarding arts and culture, and more specifically music, under the Covid-19 circumstances. Cyber Backlash is inspired by the DiY ethos and aesthetic and celebrates DiY cultural practices as an essential element of an artistic community.

Our zine channels the frustration of young people who are in the process of gaining their degrees in creative fields and who would like to believe in a brighter future where their work is valued and invested in.

Download the PDF here

Read the ‘zine here.