Volume 4, Issue 1 – July 2020

Editorial – Edmund Hunt

From Text to Sound and Sound to Image – Matthew DF Evans

WAITING FOR GANDHARVA [the ephemeral disembodiment of being] – Matthew Noone

Inhuman, All Too Inhuman: Intrinsic Limits of Computational Creativity in Music – Mattia Merlini & Stefano Maria Nicoletti

Danielle Moore: Talking Tech, Lockdown and the Importance of Live Music – Ian Davies

Push and Pull: Creative Practice and Creating Technologies – Sophie Rose

Sounding Tanzania in the Studios of Dar es Salaam – David Kerr and Hashim Rubanza

The Changing Nature of Jazz Artists within the Recording Technology Space – Lachlan Goold & Sean Foran

Lullaby-Sonic Cradle – Supriya Nagarajan