Book Reviews

The Riffs editorial board are keen to publish reviews of books, albums, gigs, and music-related boxsets on our website. In-keeping with the aims of Riffs, we to support our reviewers in experimenting with the form of the academic and journalistic review, and to find alternative methods to usefully communicate their insights and critique. These can be written, audio, or visual, and previous reviews have used methods such as podcasts and playlists.

The Riffs reviews are managed by Dave Kane, Ed McKeon and Sebastian Svegaard.

Current Reviews

Ripped, Torn and Cut: Pop, politics and punk fanzines from 1976, Subcultures Network (eds), Manchester University Press, 2018.

“The Beatles”, Ian Inglis. Equinox Publishing, 2017.

“Yodeling and Meaning in American Music”, Timothy E. Wise. University Press of Mississippi, 2016.