Volume 6 – Call for Proposals

Riffs Vol 6 Issue 1: Otobiographies

Guest Editor: Jenny Ann Cubin

a posthumous collaboration with jacques derrida

the ear is uncanny

(large or small)

it is the most open organ.

i tell my life to my self

(i recite and recount)

but become what i am

through the ear i borrow

(through the ear you lend).

we proceed

seeking out the edges

(the inner walls, the passages).

these labyrinths come down 

to the ear you hear me with

(to the ear I hear you with).

we recite and recount

and become what we are.

This poem is inspired by Jacques Derrida’s theory of otobiographies and the role of listening as a mediator between self and world. In this issue of Riffs, we ask you to attend to your relationship with music and the various listening practices you have developed and adopted as you write, play, perform, dance, or compose, and/or the impact of sound upon others involved in your creative practices. 

We welcome all creative responses to this prompt, from all individuals and collectives, from any sector or discipline. Feel free to include written, visual, and/or musical elements, and to propose work that emerges from collaborations between writers, poets, musicians, composers and visual artists (etc).  

Deadlines31st of October 2021 proposal deadline: to include a title and 300-word synopsis, your name(s), a short bio and contact email. Full submissions (2000-4000 words / visual (to not exceed 8 A4 pages) are expected by 28th February 2022. All visual and audio content must have a Creative Commons License, be owned by the contributor or with full owner permissions. All proposals submitted to Riffs will be considered by the editorial panel.

Please send your proposal to: info@riffsjournal.org 

All invited full papers are subject to double blind review and, once accepted, will be published online (Open Access) and in limited edition print. This issue will be published in July 2022. Authors must follow the Riffs submission guidelines here. See our website for previous publications and journal issues – www.riffsjournal.org

Image credit: Richard Ricciardi

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