Volume 6, Issue 1 – August 2022

We are pleased to announce the launch of Volume 6, Issue 1 of Riffs! This issue is a posthumous collaboration with Jacque Derrida and guest edited by Dr, Jenny Ann Cubin. Inspired by Derrida’s theory of otobiographies, our contributors consider our relationships with music, listening practices, and the impact that sound has upon ourselves and others.

To download your free PDF of this issue, click here.

Each of the articles in this issue are listed below. Follow the links to each to download individual PDFs.

The editorial team would like to thank Dr. Cubin for her dedication to this issue, and also our contributing authors for experimenting with us. With thanks also to the peer reviewers who worked with us to develop these pieces.

Riffs Volume 6, Issue 2 is already in motion and will be available to download and read in December.

Jenny Ann Cubin – Editorial

Jacob Mallinson Bird – Drag Lip-Sync Performance as Otobiography: Finding a Voice through the Voice of an Other

Iain Findlay-Walsh – Re-Actioning: Reading and writing sonic fictions on the internet

Louisa Petts, Vipavinee Artpradid, Lily Hayward-Smith, Petra Johnson, and Karen Wood – The Shape of Sound: An exploration of our moving, felt, embodied hearing technologies

Patrick Farmer – On Obscure Motion

James Wierzbicki – 音-biography: Reflections on the Life of (a) Sound

Clare Lesser – Cinders and Archives: Marclay, Derrida and The Afterlife of Dead Sounds

Amanda E. Krause and Steven C. Brown – In Dialogue: Two music psychology scholars discuss listening practices

Katerina Maniou – Feeling the Gaps: Echo as metaphor of voice-ear-world perspectives

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