Volume 7, Issue 2 – February 2024

We are pleased to announce the launch of Volume 7, Issue 2 of Riffs! This issue brings together work developed in 2019 by members of the Riffs editorial board as part of their Write Club, designed and run by Prof. Nick Gebhardt (Birmingham City University, UK). The pieces engage with George Lucas’ (dir.) American Graffiti (1973), a film soundtracked through 1960s and 50s music, overheard from radios, diner juke boxes, and the cars of 1962 Modesto city.

To download your free PDF of this issue, click here.

Each of the articles in this issue are listed below. Follow the links to each to download individual PDFs.

Nicholas Gebhardt – Editorial Note: Marking time

Dave Kane – Where Does a Song Come From?: The origins of “Goodbye to Home”

Emily Bettison – A Paradox

Craig Hamilton – On Skip Diving and Hot Dogs

Sarah Raine – Not Missing a Beat // SHE

Ed McKeon – Cut and Cathexis

Iain A. Taylor – Ugly Margins / This Scene Doesn’t Fade

Chris Mapp – Function Gig Therapy

Asya Draganova – DNA of Sound and Vision

Nicholas Gebhardt – And So It All Ends

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