Aotearoa: Picturing the lyrics of the land – Katie Rochow (Wellington University, New Zealand)

And if the past’s a distant land

Maybe there is no rhyme or reason

And if we salvage what we can

You and me

And yes, it’s true we’re very young

And we have sticks and stones and bruises

Can we undo what has been done?

Is this the way destiny chooses?

You and me

You and me

You and me

We are a New Zealand

A New Zealand

You and me.

(with thanks to Minuit for the loan of their lyrics)

Katie Rochow recently completed her PhD dissertation, Sensing the City – Mapping the Beat. A Rhythmanalysis of music-making in Wellington and Copenhagen, at the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Katie is currently a teaching assistant at the School of English and Media Studies at Massey University in Wellington. With specific expertise in visual ethnography – particularly photo-elicitation and mental mapping – her research interests are focused on place-making, affectivity, embodiment and cultural production in the city.


Katie Rochow