Issue 2 – Preview #1: Brian David Stephens’ photo essay

A song can be about anything, and a single song can be about (can mean) many different things to many different people. They are little bits of magic in that respect. They travel in infinite possible directions, to innumerable locations, whether a song itself has been heard by millions, or else more modestly received. Yet songs almost always originate from a single source – a person, or a small group of people. These are the people who drop the pebble into the lake. Sometimes they hang around to watch the ripples, and sometimes they don’t. In this photo essay, and in the accompanying notes describing ‘how we first met, on the warmest day’, you can decide for yourself whether thoughts of ‘peace or war, or the sins of industry, or the discontents of fame, or of obscurity’ can be discerned. If you don’t know some of the songs these people have lobbed into the lake, maybe you will chose to seek them out, and perhaps enable the songs to travel just a little further from the source. That’s what they do.

Read Brian’s piece HERE

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