Volume 2, Issue 2 – William Ellis – One LP/45: One Love

The One LP Project began in 2010 as a response to conversations with musicians about their relationship with the work of other artists encountered via recordings. In particular, conversations had focused on the albums that had profoundly moved the subjects. As a conversation is of course transient – usually committed only to memory – I was eager to find a format that would adequately document my interactions with the artists. The One LP series is the outcome – something that excavates layers of memory, influence, being and uniqueness. Perhaps more poetically One LP, and now One 45, has come to represent a journey into another’s soul: the recording that each person selects is a part of them; their past, present and future.

One LP/45: One Love is a snapshot of the internationally acclaimed One LP Project portrait photography series and reveals the powerful ‘one shot’ properties of the 45 revolutions per minute single and the full reggae LP. The project explore the inspirational qualities of recordings and the impact that they have on people’s lives. Each portrait features the subject holding a reggae 45 / LP that is of fundamental importance to them.

Will Ellis2

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