Playing with Words – Mike Fletcher & Nicolas Pillai

Playing With Words is an experimental interdisciplinary practice-as-research project that combines improvisation by a musician and a writer. The idea for the project originated as a result of the two of us having participated in an experimental writing workshop, during which the participants were invited to listen to an improvised solo saxophone performance by Rachel Musson and subsequently to write as fast as possible for one minute about what we had heard. The conceptual-methodological question of how to go about expressing in one creative medium one’s experience of a different medium forms the starting point of the present project. However, Playing With Words is conceived in order to make the process interactive, which is to say that, as well as the writer responding to the music, the musician responds to the writer. Furthermore, as the piece consists of an improvised live performance, the responses unfold and evolve in respect of what has gone before.

13 Mike Fletcher _ Nic Pillai (2)-min

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