Sound Writing – Sherrie Edgar

As I look back and reflect, the tracks of life are a specular reflection, wavelengths are rhythms to our heartbeat, on off, on off, stop go. Sounds are memories of places we can’t go, pace of the landscapes never stop and we sometimes just want to go back.

Nothing is there, the girl is missing, that something can not be seen, outer space is a soundscape to where we used to be. Let’s board the train, track back, see where I came, friends and parties, pubs and clubs, booze and laughter, free and fun, careless. Rumbling guitars riffs to the steady drum of brighter times, capturing the designs of life. Alcopop tastic Brit rock melodies. We were told it will end, but nothing will end our passion. New dawns were dawning, new technology looming, old traditions fading, no matter what we couldn’t be stopped.

18 Sherrie Edgar (6)-min

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