Nurturing The Noise – Dominic Deane

A compilation of audio tracks from various Yorkshire based noise artists.

Curated by Dominic Deane

I asked participants from the Yorkshire noise music scene to contribute to this compilation tape. These musicians have been subjects of my PhD research on the DIY scenes of Leeds. DIY music making in Leeds has been strongly rooted in the city due to its working-class heritage, and these tracks reflect the inclusive nature of sounds created by those participants. Some of the artists featured have been figureheads of the noise scene, while others have crafted their own experimental sounds into a steady stream of limited physical releases, from CDRs to tapes. Noise takes its influences from rock, punk and psychedelic music. Noise musicians experiment with a variety of sounds, using a selection of physical instruments and/ or homemade DIY circuit bend instruments. Several of the musicians featured in this compilation work with improved sonic textures and tones in particular.

7 Dominic Deane (2)-min

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