Volume 2, Issue 1 – Lyle Bignon and The Write Clubbers – Anna Palmer: The Write Club Remix

This interview was conducted by Birmingham-based music PR, consultant and journalist Lyle Bignon for this Riffs Vol. 2 Issue 2. Discussing the topic of music criticism and Anna Palmer’s experience and opinions of being critiqued, this interview was undertaken during the cover shoot and was envisaged as being more of a conversation with disruptions and interventions, inviting contributions from both Anna and Ian Davies, the photographer. This disruption and reversal of the roles of photographer, interviewer, and interviewee facilitated the frank nature of the discussion.

At another level of translation, the transcript of this interview was then interpreted by seven members of Write Club, an experimental writing group run at Birmingham City University. The interview is communicated through seven different fronts, identifying the individual voices of these writers-as-translators. In negotiating the transcript, processes of critique and of evaluation were made in the omission, emphasis and ornamentation of elements, yet each contributes to a fluid and distinctive recreation of the interview.

Read the remix below, or download the PDF


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