Volume 2, Issue 1 – Simon Fox – Context is Everything

Simon Fox is an acoustic meddler, with work ranging from solo songwriting and composition, to more challenging sonic experiments and collaborative performances. Former leader of Birmingham post-rock pioneers, Grover, his current activity includes (but is not limited to) Some Some Unicorn, a 50-strong free jazz/drone/electronic cooperative; trombone/drums noise trio Kendo Nagasaki; and Independent Country, a country band.

‘Context is Everything’ plays with the notion of taking quotes out of context; a constant and fundamental issue for journalism, reporting and academic research. Using an audio recording of the Riffs interview with musician and composer Anna Palmer, individual comments and asides that had the potential to be provocative, thought-provoking or amusing were picked out.

You can read Simon’s piece below, or download the PDF here.

The sound collage Simon created is also embedded below, or is available on Soundcloud here


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