Collecting The Noise – Marek Jeziński

Let me take you for a walk around the city of Toruń: although typical urban environment in Central Europe nowadays, it is filled with the significant past of seven hundred years of history. Through three thirty-minute trips in October 2018, we try to explore the soundscapes and the sound spaces of the modern city. To provide variety of urban aural experiences, we go through different locations and listen out for sounds, noises, music, murmurs, rustles, scratches, rumbling, and reverbs made by people, animals, or machines. Our trip starts from the main Market Square in the Old Town, a vivid tourist location, attractive for the residents, pupils, young people or shoppers, and explore the main routes of the Old Town usually walked by the pedestrians. As we bid farewell to the medieval tenement houses, we gradually move towards modern housing districts. It is a good choice for people who want to appreciate the tones of traffic jam, and the human sounds supplemented by and then dominated by noisy orchestrations of cars, vans and trams.

16 Marek Jeziński (2)-min

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