Noise as Ideas / Manifest as Unreduced, Pure, Thought – Elvin Brandi

‘Gareth Bale’, a mix of improvised collaboration, pop parroted field recording disorganised into a culturally embroiled slew. Sound as an irreducible language of expression escapes linguistic reduction of psychic, sentient content to flat-packaged recognisable syntax. Here nothing needs to be said, except to underline the fact that commentary and explanation defy the point of opting for an irreducible language, even if it is not recognisable. This Ear-witness account demonstrates the inextricability of knowledge from its context, refraining from reduction of content to facts accessible only to those predisposed with the tools of navigation. Assimilating and relativising what is not immediately decodable without bothering to adopt new rules of comprehension. Noise as knowledge preserves motion and irreducibility of experience, especially interactive experiences.

15 Freya Edmondes (2)-min

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